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  1. Alex Kavel
    Alex Kavel Graduly Ltd
  2. Andrew Isidoro
    Andrew Isidoro
  3. Alexander Tsigaridas
    Alexander Tsigaridas Alpha Inventor Ltd
  4. Andy Warnock
  5. Alistair Ruff
  6. Aled Parry
    Aled Parry Cube Interactive Ltd & Gliw Ltd
  7. Alice Lediard
    Alice Lediard Tiafi Design
  8. Amy Greenfield
  9. Aurélien Thieriot
  10. Ashley Andrews
    Ashley Andrews Studio elevate
  11. Andrew Griffiths
    Andrew Griffiths Key Business Allies Ltd
  12. Andrew Thomas
    Andrew Thomas Hoffi Limited
  13. Adam Neal
    Adam Neal SkyBot Film & Entertainment
  14. Annemarie Parsons
    Annemarie Parsons Freelance Front-End Developer
  15. Ashley Howden
    Ashley Howden Consigliere
  16. Alex Hughes
    Alex Hughes XIBO Marketing
  17. Alex Johnson
  18. Alex Jones
  19. Andy Merrett
    Andy Merrett Internet Solutions by Andy Merrett
  20. Austin  Smith
    Austin Smith Pickfords house
  21. Alex Morris
  22. Alex Jenkins
    Alex Jenkins MANBRAND
  23. Andrew Brenton
  24. Alexander Smith
  25. Adrian Defta
  26. Alexander Brown
    Alexander Brown Alpha GG
  27. Alexander  Davies
    Alexander Davies Coldbrook Consulting
  28. Alex Roan
    Alex Roan Trusted Data Solutions LLC
  29. Ami Christopher
    Ami Christopher Amis Clothes Swap
  30. Adrian Wragg
    Adrian Wragg Digital Morphosis Ltd
  31. Amie Lockwood
    Amie Lockwood AND Training, Lion Girl Publishing
  32. Amy Richards
    Amy Richards Amy Richards VA
  33. Alexander Van doornewaard
  34. Andrés Mendoza taylor
  35. Andy Poulton
    Andy Poulton MoreTo LTD
  36. Adrian Ortega
    Adrian Ortega Freelancer
  37. Adam Hughes
  38. Amy Cole
    Amy Cole Zoom2U
  39. Anna Harris
  40. Alexander Brown
  41. Anna Daniels
  42. Anna Thomas
    Anna Thomas Brasa
  43. Anna Williams
  44. Alice Jey
    Alice Jey Britain Logos
  45. Anytime Tablet hire
    Anytime Tablet hire Anytime Tablet Hire
  46. Alexander Thomas
  47. Alexander Tillett
  48. Annaaas Brown


  1. Ben Cook
    Ben Cook Strategic Marketing / Freelance
  2. Bob Shepherd
    Bob Shepherd Bob Shepherd Associates
  3. Bethan Millett
  4. Benjamin Glazier
  5. Benn Pearson
  6. Baronne Mouton
  7. Ben Gershon
    Ben Gershon 5TH QUARTER LTD.
  8. Brian Carroll
    Brian Carroll Crimzn
  9. Ben Tossell
    Ben Tossell Sprinklr
  10. Bhuvaneshwari Kalaiyarasan
    Bhuvaneshwari Kalaiyarasan Macronet Solutions Ltd
  11. Benjamin Milsom
    Benjamin Milsom Echosec
  12. Ben Allen
    Ben Allen Object Bags
  13. Ben Blankley
    Ben Blankley Charity & Biscuits
  14. Ben Voisey
    Ben Voisey Cleartechlive.Ltd
  15. Ben Kwiatkowski
  16. Benjamin Jones
    Benjamin Jones The Design Desk
  17. Brooke Williams


  1. Cerian Jones
  2. Chris Benson
    Chris Benson Analysis Technologies Ltd.
  3. Chas Shaw
    Chas Shaw Chas Shaw / Cardiff Web Design
  4. Craig Lockwood
    Craig Lockwood FoundersHub & Five Simple Steps.
  5. Charlotte Petty
    Charlotte Petty Outline Studio
  6. Ceri Richmond
  7. Chris Jenkins
  8. Chris Bradley
    Chris Bradley Publicate
  9. Craig Thomas
    Craig Thomas Tidy Digital
  10. Chris Thomas
    Chris Thomas VSI-thinking
  11. Chris Lewis
    Chris Lewis CJL Design & Engineering Ltd.
  12. Chris Price
    Chris Price Chwarae Teg
  13. Carl Morris
    Carl Morris NativeHQ
  14. Charles Mitchell
    Charles Mitchell Pos- hardware ltd
  15. Chris Paul
    Chris Paul Chrysalis Communications
  16. Craig Shipp
    Craig Shipp CBS Legal Services Ltd
  17. Christopher Earnshaw
    Christopher Earnshaw Persona Ltd
  18. Coding Conferences
    Coding Conferences Coding Conferences
  19. Chris  James
    Chris James CIOTEK Limited
  20. Chris Amodeo
    Chris Amodeo I Loves The 'Diff
  21. Cameron Brennan
    Cameron Brennan Brennan Oncology LTD
  22. Christopher Vernon
  23. Chris Monk
  24. Claire Tinelli
    Claire Tinelli Graphic Designer / Artworker
  25. Ceri  Rowlands
    Ceri Rowlands GDPR Consultancy Ltd
  26. Christian Carestia
    Christian Carestia Engiweb Ltd
  27. Chris Bown
  28. Cheryl Moore
    Cheryl Moore WCPPE
  29. Caroline Williams
  30. Chris Timmer
    Chris Timmer Blurrt
  31. Charles Sullivan
  32. Carly Turpin
    Carly Turpin Crowdcube Ltd


  1. Dale Johnson
    Dale Johnson Tiafi Design
  2. Dan Zambonini
    Dan Zambonini BipSync
  3. David Jones
  4. Dorian  Cussen
  5. David Williams
    David Williams Dai Lingual
  6. David Wilkinson
    David Wilkinson Bloc Marketing
  7. Daniel Mohamed
    Daniel Mohamed Urban Intelligence
  8. David Tamale-sali
  9. Debbie  Kiley
    Debbie Kiley An Idea Was Born
  10. David Oliver
    David Oliver 4REAL CREATIVE LTD
  11. David Grant
    David Grant Adaptive Logic Consulting Ltd
  12. Daniel Jones
  13. Dave Taylor
    Dave Taylor Uzimatech, Payne Taylor Design
  14. Daniel Drave
    Daniel Drave FBA Group LTD
  15. Daniel Lewis
    Daniel Lewis TheGenieLab & Blurrt
  16. David Rees
    David Rees Brix Crowdfunding Limited
  17. Daniel Darby
  18. David Steventon
    David Steventon Adds Accounting
  19. Dean Jenkins
    Dean Jenkins Creative Pod Design
  20. David Prior
    David Prior Xuvasi Ltd
  21. Daniel James
  22. David Hodgkinson
  23. Déborah Reeve
    Déborah Reeve Elaura Ltd.
  24. David Tyler
    David Tyler Metaswitch Networks
  25. Dan Harris
    Dan Harris Village Technology
  26. Dazofaw Rootfest
  27. Damien Hatton
  28. Dylan Williams
    Dylan Williams Prysma Limited


  1. Etherel Johnson
  2. Evan Rudowski
    Evan Rudowski SubHub
  3. Ethan Grech
    Ethan Grech Cardiff Computer Rescue
  4. Ethan Wilkinson
    Ethan Wilkinson Bleno Limited
  5. Eiry Rees thomas
    Eiry Rees thomas The Flitwits Ltd
  6. Erik Ros
    Erik Ros Arciitek
  7. Emma Sands
  8. Ethan Wilkinson
  9. Elise Lockyer
    Elise Lockyer Sonovate Ltd
  10. Ella James
    Ella James The Swamp.
  11. Elizabeth Locke
    Elizabeth Locke University of South Wales
  12. Edward Grundy
    Edward Grundy Bay Information Systems
  13. Emily  Bater
    Emily Bater Welsh ICE
  14. Erik Wolf
    Erik Wolf World Food Travel Association
  15. Evan Williams
    Evan Williams Business Wales
  16. Elizabeth Lee
    Elizabeth Lee PACK & SEND
  17. Ethan Thomas
  18. Elizabeth Miller
  19. Edward Brown
  20. Emma Johnson
  21. Emma Lewis
    Emma Lewis Spacer
  22. Event Eca
    Event Eca Event Apps
  23. Elizabeth Obrien
  24. Edward Jackson
  25. Emma Jackson
    Emma Jackson Morata
  26. Elizabeth Jones
  27. Edward Midgett
  28. Edward Etheridge


  1. Francesca  James
    Francesca James Fresh Content
  2. Fred Heath
    Fred Heath Bootstrap Technology Ltd
  3. Fathi  Chebil
    Fathi Chebil AEPM Services Inc.
  4. Felix Winstone
    Felix Winstone Talkative
  5. Fady Soliman
    Fady Soliman SiteReq
  6. Frank Meekins
  7. Frank Kelly
  8. Frank Etheridge
    Frank Etheridge Toronto
  9. Francine Gaetane


  1. Gareth Thomas
    Gareth Thomas Reserve Travel Ltd
  2. Greg Bednarski
  3. Gareth Morlais
  4. Gareth Jones
    Gareth Jones Welsh ICE
  5. Gareth Newell
  6. Guy  O'donnell
  7. Greg Clark
  8. Gruff Vaughan
    Gruff Vaughan Storm+Shelter
  9. Graham Sanders
    Graham Sanders Sugar Creative
  10. Geraint Lloyd-taylor
    Geraint Lloyd-taylor Lewis Silkin
  11. Gareth Rees
    Gareth Rees mySociety
  12. Guy O'donnell
    Guy O'donnell responsewales
  13. Greg Cannon
    Greg Cannon 41 Days Limited
  14. Greg  May
    Greg May Ruskinn Technology Limited
  15. Gareth Tucker
    Gareth Tucker CLUBR LTD
  16. Gareth Daniel
    Gareth Daniel Freelance Creative Marketeer
  17. George Davis
  18. George George
  19. George Murphy
    George Murphy Morsta


  1. Howard Dyer
  2. Huw Rees
    Huw Rees Vizolution
  3. Hayley Macnamara
  4. Hilary Stephenson
    Hilary Stephenson Sigma Consulting Solutions Limited
  5. Harris Mark
    Harris Mark Logo Glaze
  6. Helen Daniels
  7. Heidi Finigan
    Heidi Finigan VPN Compass
  8. Hasan Shah
    Hasan Shah Web Experts
  9. Helen Obrien
  10. Helen Sullivan
  11. Hire  Laptops uk
    Hire Laptops uk Hire Laptops UK
  12. Helen Smith
    Helen Smith Bartsa
  13. Helen Harris
    Helen Harris Sweden
  14. Helen Murphy
    Helen Murphy Tirana
  15. Helen Murphy
    Helen Murphy Mirots
  16. Halen Mark
    Halen Mark Cinphe


  1. Ian Burch
    Ian Burch NatWest Business Banking
  2. Ian Thomas
    Ian Thomas Winged Monkeys
  3. Irfan Ak
    Irfan Ak Branex
  4. Isabella Cohen
    Isabella Cohen Materas
  5. Isabella Brown


  1. Julian Sykes
    Julian Sykes Hoffi
  2. James Murray
  3. Josiah Shelley
    Josiah Shelley Soshal Group Inc.
  4. Jaymie Thomas
    Jaymie Thomas Red Apple Software
  5. Jen Thornton
    Jen Thornton ASH Wales
  6. James  Cryer
  7. John Badham-davies
  8. Jack Lieu
  9. Julien Decaudin
    Julien Decaudin Julien Decaudin Ltd
  10. Jonathan Fry
    Jonathan Fry Event Rater Ltd.
  11. James Cuff
  12. Julian Elliott
  13. James Thomas
    James Thomas LexAble
  14. Jorge  Lizalde
    Jorge Lizalde Studio Cano
  15. John Rostron
    John Rostron Welsh Music Foundation / Sŵn / Welsh Music Prize
  16. Jason Diolatzis
  17. Jason Veal
    Jason Veal Sugar Creative Studio
  18. Jonny  Campbell
  19. James Smith
    James Smith DevOpsGuys
  20. John Metcalfe
  21. Joe Fryer
    Joe Fryer Freelance iOS Developer
  22. Joel Hughes
  23. Jon Creighton-griffiths
  24. James Darlington
    James Darlington Cove Digital
  25. Jamie Mistry-evans
    Jamie Mistry-evans Brandsworth
  26. Jamie Barnes
    Jamie Barnes Juno Rising Ltd
  27. Jenny Yeo
    Jenny Yeo The Cake Box Company
  28. Joris Zamoto
  29. Jason Stallard
    Jason Stallard Station Rd. Marketing
  30. Jessica Bracken
    Jessica Bracken Fortune Innovations Glasgow
  31. Jo Lilford
    Jo Lilford Clout Branding
  32. John Davies
    John Davies Pervade Software Ltd
  33. Jeff Morgan
    Jeff Morgan as above
  34. James Flight
  35. John Ethen
    John Ethen Logoinn Uk
  36. Joseph Donegan
  37. James  Watkins
    James Watkins Metamorph Media Ltd
  38. James Dean
    James Dean unknown
  39. Jason Dunlop
    Jason Dunlop addMass Ltd
  40. Joel Markham
    Joel Markham iCoTech Services Ltd
  41. Joel Murphy
    Joel Murphy Nott Development Studios
  42. Jennifer Davies
    Jennifer Davies Teal Words
  43. Jeff Bartlett
    Jeff Bartlett Nurture Ventures
  44. Jack m Davies
    Jack m Davies Smart Homes Wales
  45. Jane Cook
    Jane Cook Freelance
  46. Jenny Smith
    Jenny Smith DesignReDesign
  47. Jack Rimell
    Jack Rimell Nudjed
  48. Jasmine Hutter
  49. Jamie Lee
  50. Joni Alexander
    Joni Alexander Cate Quickly
  51. Julian Painter
    Julian Painter Appura Limited
  52. Jacob  Mccarthy
    Jacob Mccarthy Freedom Edits
  53. Joanne Basa
  54. Jon Wood
    Jon Wood Innovate UK
  55. Joe Jones
    Joe Jones Jwmp
  56. Jordan  Phillips
    Jordan Phillips 11:FiftyNine (1159 Marketing Ltd)
  57. Jordan Day
    Jordan Day p302
  58. Julia Morrison
    Julia Morrison research
  59. James Smith
  60. John Cohen
  61. John Davis
    John Davis Barsa
  62. James Norwick
    James Norwick Bend & Mend
  63. Jonathan Davies
  64. Joseph Jones
    Joseph Jones Mortsa
  65. Joseph Anderson
  66. James Jackson
  67. James Etheridge
    James Etheridge Wygodna Dieta


  1. Keeran Hawoldar
    Keeran Hawoldar Make & See
  2. Keshav Kumar
  3. Kate  Gribble
    Kate Gribble Loft6 Creative and Technology
  4. Kirk Bateman
    Kirk Bateman Synaptic Technologies Ltd
  5. Kamal  Ali
    Kamal Ali youshareyousave
  6. Kevin  Bankhead
    Kevin Bankhead Bankhead Design
  7. Kash Hasan
    Kash Hasan Phoenix Marshal Ltd
  8. Kowsar Miah
  9. Kamila Suankulova
    Kamila Suankulova Ocupassion
  10. Kate Strong
  11. Katie Morenna
    Katie Morenna TrixboxShop
  12. Kim Boland
    Kim Boland Better Change (Wales) Ltd
  13. Kieran Clarke
    Kieran Clarke Kieran Clarke
  14. Kirsty Williams
    Kirsty Williams DashHound
  15. Ken Wong


  1. Luke Cornish
    Luke Cornish timto
  2. Lewis Parfitt
    Lewis Parfitt Dog & Fire Ltd
  3. Lewis Denham-parry
  4. Lorraine Warner
    Lorraine Warner Natwest Bank
  5. Lyndsey Halliday
  6. Lisa Warren
  7. Lawrence Eaden
  8. Louise  Prynne
    Louise Prynne Cardiff Business Council Limited
  9. Leigh Flanagan
  10. Li Whybrow
    Li Whybrow haifisch
  11. Luke Prosser
    Luke Prosser Soundous
  12. Lee Patterson
    Lee Patterson YuMe CIC
  13. Laura Adams
    Laura Adams Bespoke Laser UK
  14. Laura Sorvala
    Laura Sorvala Auralab
  15. Lee Renshaw
    Lee Renshaw General Communications
  16. Lauren  Powell
    Lauren Powell Social Animal
  17. Lucy Winterborne
    Lucy Winterborne Grant Thornton
  18. Liz Brookes
    Liz Brookes Grapevine Event Management
  19. Lee D
  20. Laura Leon
  21. Lewis Fackrell
    Lewis Fackrell Lewis Fackrell Photography
  22. Liza Stewart
    Liza Stewart
  23. Lucy Taylor
    Lucy Taylor LY Lawyers
  24. Lisa Williams
  25. Leo Stableford
    Leo Stableford Digital Morphosis


  1. Miriam e Lewis
  2. Mark Stevenson
    Mark Stevenson Karolo Design
  3. Michelle  Davis
  4. Marc Heatley
    Marc Heatley Proper Design
  5. Marc Thomas
    Marc Thomas Small Joys Co.
  6. Martyn Driscoll
    Martyn Driscoll HMS69 Ltd
  7. Meirion Morgan
    Meirion Morgan Meirion Morgan Ltd
  8. Marc Thomas
  9. Matt Willsher
    Matt Willsher Willsher Systems
  10. Matt 'phantom' Callanan
    Matt 'phantom' Callanan Callapro Video Production
  11. Melvin Green
    Melvin Green
  12. Matthew Jones
    Matthew Jones Blue Stag Studio
  13. Mark anthony  Annis
    Mark anthony Annis Dadigiport
  14. Mark Hawkins
    Mark Hawkins Composed Communication
  15. Mathew Talfan
    Mathew Talfan Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama
  16. Myrah Caesar
    Myrah Caesar Biz Propeller
  17. Morwenna  Tyler
    Morwenna Tyler Swansea University
  18. Mark Griffin
    Mark Griffin Ranking Quest
  19. Matthew Yeomans
    Matthew Yeomans Custom Communication
  20. Michael Armstrong
    Michael Armstrong MA Consultancy
  21. Michael Armstrong
    Michael Armstrong MA Consultancy
  22. Mark Loosemore
    Mark Loosemore Mackintosh Capital LLP
  23. Matthew Jones
    Matthew Jones Student
  24. Matt North
  25. Mark  James
  26. Mark Hayward
  27. Michael Davies
  28. Martin Mccabe
    Martin Mccabe Atticus Digital Ltd
  29. Mathan Shunmugaraja
    Mathan Shunmugaraja Safe Distributions & Solutions Ltd
  30. Mike Liu
  31. Martyn Kelly
  32. Mathew Daniel
    Mathew Daniel Mathew Daniel Consulting
  33. Mohannad Al marar
    Mohannad Al marar IM YUP Ltd
  34. Mehdi Razi
  35. Maheen Peermohamed
    Maheen Peermohamed Safe Distributions and Solutions Ltd
  36. Mike Woodman
    Mike Woodman ZestinIT Solutions Ltd
  37. Miles Cook
    Miles Cook Blurrt Ltd
  38. Michael Mason
    Michael Mason Elaura Ltd / hoozyu
  39. Mike Linskey
    Mike Linskey Salubrious
  40. Matt Sullivan
    Matt Sullivan Maestro
  41. Mark Whalley
    Mark Whalley HPE - Big Data Platform
  42. Mak Elthon
    Mak Elthon Logo For Work
  43. Matt Elliott
    Matt Elliott MSP Concepts Pvt. Ltd.
  44. Malcolm Sloan
    Malcolm Sloan Sports Injury Fix Ltd
  45. Martin Jefferson
    Martin Jefferson Free Like A Bird
  46. Melanie Saunders
    Melanie Saunders 1300Rubbish
  47. Mary Jackson
  48. Maxwell Newton
  49. Margaret Brown
  50. Marta Porras laguna
  51. Mary Brown
  52. Michael Anderson
  53. Mary Smith
    Mary Smith Barsa
  54. Margaret Obrien
  55. Margaret Margaret


  1. Neil Cocker
    Neil Cocker Dizzyjam
  2. Nadeeke Illeperuma
  3. Noreen Blanluet
    Noreen Blanluet
  4. Nicola Mcneely
    Nicola Mcneely Capital Law LLP
  5. Nikira Larionov
  6. Natalie O'neill
  7. Nicola Knight
    Nicola Knight Eat Well : Live Well Ltd
  8. Nick Price
    Nick Price Twoclicks
  9. Nicholas De figueiredo
    Nicholas De figueiredo Capital Law LLP
  10. Nathan  Cornish
    Nathan Cornish Fundible
  11. Nathan Webb
    Nathan Webb Anytime Films Ltd
  12. Neil Moffatt
    Neil Moffatt Self Employed
  13. Nicholas Fearn
    Nicholas Fearn Tech Journalist
  14. Nimesh  Limbasia
    Nimesh Limbasia Pond Partners
  15. Nicola Harrison
    Nicola Harrison Greenaway Scott
  16. Nick Webb
    Nick Webb NLS Solicitors
  17. Nikesh Farmah
  18. Nick Theodorou
    Nick Theodorou Neotech,
  19. Nia Campbell
    Nia Campbell Freelance copywriter and writing consultant
  20. Nathan Bowen
    Nathan Bowen Emerge Charge Solutions Ltd
  21. Nancy  Roberts
    Nancy Roberts THE WISE MOVER


  1. Owen Richards
  2. Owain Matthews
    Owain Matthews Bloc Marketing
  3. Owen Williams
    Owen Williams BBC Cymru Wales
  4. Owain Lewis
    Owain Lewis Forward Digital Ltd
  5. Olaug Nørsterud gardener
    Olaug Nørsterud gardener Learning Technology, Org. Development, Knowledge sharing
  6. Owen Derbyshire
    Owen Derbyshire Twenty One Communications
  7. Omar Moulani
    Omar Moulani
  8. Owen Flatley
    Owen Flatley Citywand
  9. Olivia Tillett
  10. Olivia Midgett
  11. Olivia Smith
    Olivia Smith Mortos
  12. Olivia Kelly
    Olivia Kelly Lotra
  13. Olivia Etheridge
  14. Olivia Smith
    Olivia Smith Turus


  1. Pete Griffin
    Pete Griffin We Are Digital Vision
  2. Paul Newbury
    Paul Newbury Yard Digital
  3. Peder Johnsen
  4. Peanut Turner
  5. Philip Cross
    Philip Cross Whosoff Ltd
  6. Paul Creedy
    Paul Creedy RCTHosting Internet Solutions
  7. Prince Appah
  8. Parag Patel
    Parag Patel Funding Empire
  9. Paula  Dauncey
    Paula Dauncey Imaginet
  10. Paul Corcoran
    Paul Corcoran Proficient Systems Limited
  11. Pete Staunch
  12. Paul Williams
    Paul Williams dragon locums
  13. Phil Harris
  14. Pedro Morgan
    Pedro Morgan Daft Code
  15. Peter Cain
    Peter Cain Anamosys
  16. Paul Osbaldeston
    Paul Osbaldeston Welsh Government
  17. Pedro Cardoso
  18. Paul  Gauci
  19. Paul Smith
    Paul Smith Schoop
  20. Paul Davies
    Paul Davies Whats it Like?
  21. Phil Thomas
  22. Paul Davey
    Paul Davey Vive
  23. Pete Seymour
    Pete Seymour Seymour Creative
  24. Peter Donnelly
  25. Phil Lambert
    Phil Lambert Phil Lambert
  26. Paul  Shepherd
    Paul Shepherd Coup Media
  27. Paul Lupson
    Paul Lupson InnovaReviews Pty Ltd
  28. Pete Davis
    Pete Davis Part-Time Carnivore
  29. Pavan Arora
    Pavan Arora Yolk Recruitment
  30. Paul Walker
  31. Phil Davies
    Phil Davies Spot-On Accountancy Limited
  32. Peter Maloney
  33. Paul Adams
    Paul Adams Recharge: Coffee, Bar and Gaming Lounge.
  34. Patrick  Haywood


  1. Quang Evansluong


  1. Robert Lo bue
    Robert Lo bue Applingua Ltd
  2. Richard  Williams
    Richard Williams Veritii Ltd
  3. Robert Andrews
  4. Richard Stephens
    Richard Stephens Capital Law LLP
  5. Robert Mills
  6. Richard Beecher
    Richard Beecher OP Productions & OP Wedding Productions
  7. Rosalyn Duggan
    Rosalyn Duggan Business In Focus
  8. Richard  Bromiley
    Richard Bromiley Creative Exchange Wales Network
  9. Rob Ashelford
    Rob Ashelford Nesta / ACW / AHRC
  10. Robert Johnstone
    Robert Johnstone FCMS Ltd.
  11. Robin Matthews
    Robin Matthews Kanso Consulting Limited
  12. Richard Strudwick
    Richard Strudwick Enterprise Rich / Xing Education
  13. Robin Stent
  14. Richard Evans
    Richard Evans Concierge Cardiff
  15. Rebecca  Parfitt
    Rebecca Parfitt The Ghastling
  16. Ray Sherry
  17. Rob Winkler
  18. Ryan Atkinson
    Ryan Atkinson
  19. Ray Sherry
  20. Richard Vaughan
    Richard Vaughan Xuvasi Ltd
  21. Rhodri Evans
    Rhodri Evans Eversheds LLP
  22. Rachael Popplewell
  23. Richard Brown
    Richard Brown RBSEO Ltd
  24. Richard Wenner
  25. Red Hot
    Red Hot Radiant Digital Builders
  26. Ram Morjaria
    Ram Morjaria xenos
  27. Rob Spurrett
    Rob Spurrett Sequestim Ltd
  28. Robert Harris
    Robert Harris Szkoły Policealne Katowice
  29. Robert Williams
  30. Robert Williams
  31. Robert Stones
    Robert Stones Information Security Know How Ltd.
  32. Robert Sullivan
  33. Robert Anderson


  1. Sam Knight
    Sam Knight Pale Blue Digitial
  2. Stephen Milburn
    Stephen Milburn Tradebox Media
  3. Steve Morgan
    Steve Morgan Morgan Online Marketing (freelance)
  4. Shiraz Yasin
    Shiraz Yasin Proofread4u
  5. Stafford Bawler
    Stafford Bawler Stafford Bawler, Freelance Game Audio Consultant
  6. Sian Owen
    Sian Owen Sian Owen Photography
  7. Sarah Chong
    Sarah Chong Applingua
  8. Scott Sherwood
    Scott Sherwood TestLodge
  9. Simon Stratton
    Simon Stratton Mr Dog Films
  10. Sian Taylor
    Sian Taylor Golley Slater
  11. Samuel Woodford
  12. Simon Hodgkinson
    Simon Hodgkinson PayZip Ltd
  13. Sion clwyd Roberts
    Sion clwyd Roberts Capital Law llp
  14. Sean Ryan
    Sean Ryan Loft6 Creative & Technology
  15. Steve Talbot
    Steve Talbot Solviq Ltd
  16. Sara  Boltman
    Sara Boltman Butterfly Projects Ltd
  17. Scott Alexander
    Scott Alexander We Are Pixelated
  18. Stephen rhys Johnson
    Stephen rhys Johnson Dragon Fruit Films
  19. Stephen Hewitt
    Stephen Hewitt The Digital Chimps Ltd
  20. Sarah Gibson
    Sarah Gibson Mulie
  21. Samuel Phipps
    Samuel Phipps I am Sam Creative Design
  22. Susan Davies
    Susan Davies Thrive and Eatwell:Livewell Ltd
  23. Sarah Rees
    Sarah Rees Career Women Wales
  24. Simon Clode
    Simon Clode Simon Clode Films
  25. Sandra Lee
  26. Scott  Evans
    Scott Evans Bring-it
  27. Sion  Williams
  28. Susan Parker
    Susan Parker 10alogo
  29. Simon  Hall
    Simon Hall Nodor International Ltd.
  30. Simon Barrett
    Simon Barrett MightyMango Ltd
  31. Sina Yamani
  32. Steve Dimmick
    Steve Dimmick
  33. Shashana  Brown
  34. Samuel Yearsley
  35. Sam Hudson
    Sam Hudson Startup Sauce


  1. Tom Beardshaw
    Tom Beardshaw NativeHQ
  2. Tom Martin
    Tom Martin 383 Project
  3. Tom Lloyd
    Tom Lloyd Bluegg
  4. Tom Gallard
    Tom Gallard Pwinty
  5. Tim Millwood
    Tim Millwood Millwood Online
  6. Tommy  Yeung
    Tommy Yeung AIESEC Cardiff
  7. Tony  Gale
    Tony Gale Artifice12 Consulting Ltd
  8. Tahmeena Alam
  9. Terry Morrell
  10. Tobias  Leonard
    Tobias Leonard Rep Life Ltd
  11. Tom Kelvin-smith
    Tom Kelvin-smith Innovantage Systems Ltd
  12. Taz Rahman
  13. Takara  Meredith
  14. Toby Holloway


  1. Vlad Tanasescu
    Vlad Tanasescu Not Yet
  2. Valentino Cellupica
    Valentino Cellupica Rose-Innes Designs
  3. Vicki Sutton
    Vicki Sutton Mad Dog Casting
  4. Victoria Wood
    Victoria Wood DMSG Professional Services
  5. Victoria Cao
    Victoria Cao Stray Pixel


  1. Warren Fauvel
  2. Wil Grace
    Wil Grace Trail
  3. Wayne  Tofteroo
    Wayne Tofteroo Still working on that!


  1. Xavier Quayzin
    Xavier Quayzin Diogel ltd


  1. Yasmine Boudiaf
    Yasmine Boudiaf Serious Datum
  2. Yasmin Law


  1. Zach Inglis
    Zach Inglis Superhero Studios
  2. Zack Young
    Zack Young Cherry Bird Limited
  3. Zak-sum Yeung
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